5 Reasons Why the Rosie Bag is Our Current Favorite

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Last week, we talked to our #girlboss Susanna Chow about her journey and why she started the brand. Through our conversation, we learned that her current favorite piece from the collection is the Rosie bag! And because so many of us adore Rosie, we decided to share the reasons why it should be on the top of your wish list, too!

To start, the Rosie bag holds a special meaning to us, and especially to Susanna, because it was named after Susanna’s mom, Rosella! Widely known amongst her friends as Rosie, she is also Susanna’s main source of inspiration for launching this brand.

As mentioned in our previous blog post, we would not be here if it wasn’t for Mama Chow. Before beaded bags were trending, she was already beading in Chinatown, New York – and this was more than 20 years ago, by the way!

“The Rosie bag is playful, yet chic. The pattern is so vibrant just like my mom. It also has a very understated elegance that really speaks to and embodies the essence of our brand.” – SUSANNA CHOW

This bag also represents the great effort and dedication that goes into the brand. It takes over 20 hours to make by hand, using more than 1,600 beads!

Read on to find out why we love the #rosiebag so much:

1) A versatile piece that works everywhere

Rosie has a versatile trait – she is casual enough for you to dress down with jeans for the park, fun enough to attend festivals or parties with you, and elegant enough for a wedding or other special occasions!

2) Kicks an outfit up a notch

The bag effortlessly adds a touch of style to any basic outfit – it simply upgrades your look! We recommend you to try pairing it with monochrome looks – just imagine how chic that’ll be!

3) It’s spring-ready!

Well, if Rosie’s colorful pattern design doesn’t scream spring, we’re not sure what does! For some of us at The SC Team who don’t own much floral, this is the perfect way to mix some spring vibes in to our looks this season.

4) You can go hands-free

With a long handle, you can easily put your hand through and let the bag rest on your wrist when you need to type on your phone and hold your coffee (or wine) at the same time! Rosie offers easy access to your belongings, which we find it helpful when we are out running errands, for instance.

5) It’s big enough to fit everything

The bag measures at 6.25” wide and 9.5” long with a 2” depth. It can easily fit your wallet, phone, as well as your favorite lipstick or mascara. There’s no need to leave anything behind in this case.

Click here to shop the Rosie bag. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do!

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